Genia is an app for young people living with long-term illness. It helps you to keep track of your health and communicate better with your family and healthcare team. So you can make better, more informed decisions together. And live the life you want to live.

We are a start-up patient support system in Sweden connected to healthcare systems. Today Genia works within Cystic Fibrosis and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.


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“When I’m having a rough day, I can look back at my good days and it helps me get through it.” 

17 years old

How Genia works

Info for healthcare teams

We offer hospitals a profound, yet simple, digital solution to improve value-based care for chronically ill patients.

Genia is much more than an app. It’s a patient support system for improved communication and collaboration with patients. Genia focuses on evaluating and measuring, learning together, and shared decision-making. For example, with Genia, patients can send in pre-visit reports that help both patients and providers to be more prepared for meetings, saving valuable time for other important conversations. Genia helps you to be better informed about the needs and preferences of patients so you can develop good treatment plans and then create simple care cards that enable patients to remember and follow through with decisions.

We work closely with networks of clinics and individual hospitals to successfully launch Genia with their staff and patients. Genia’s unique innovation is developed by patients, healthcare and academia. Our team works closely with both Karolinska Institute and The Dartmouth Institute to inspire, research and further develop our strategy.

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“Genia contributes to enjoyable new ways of working with patients. It provides better meetings that result in clear agreements about care and treatment, where patients feel more involved.”

Maria Mårtensson,
CF physiotherapist

“National coordination between all CF clinics in the country now enables further quality improvement and focus on patient-centeredness of care.”

Isabelle de Monestrol,
CF pediatrician

“Your work on Genia is very much in the middle of the future… intelligent self-management and home management with support, when needed and only when needed, mediated by helpful real-time communications on data that matters and info that is needed.”

Eugene Nelson,
Professor of Community & Family Medicine, Dartmouth Institute, USA

“Genia helps me recognize patterns and keep things manageable and organized with my kids. When our doctor or physiotherapist read the reports I send prior to our appointments, our appointments go smoothly. Then they are prepared: they know how easy/rough my kids have had it during the last month, what prescriptions we need, and what questions I have to discuss.”

Mother of 2 children with CF, Gothenburg

More about us

We want to help develop a better future for healthcare, where patients and providers work together. We aim to create a dialogue based on life, not just disease, so that care is meaningful and more effective in helping people live the lives they want to live.

Genia was founded by Andreas Hager whose daughter, Sonia, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was 5 months old. Life for the family changed drastically and he spent most of his hours helping Sonia to live a life as normal as possible. He soon understood the need for better communication with the healthcare team and longed for a simple way to track her health at home. They created Genia so they would feel more in control of her progress and spend less time around CF and more time around Sonia.  Now a teenager, Sonia wants to be listened to and understood as a patient and a person. Her illness doesn’t define her. There are plenty of other things she’d rather be defined by.

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